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WIDEN is a Web-based Imaging and Diagnosis Exchange Network, to enable simpler, faster and effective clinical trials




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Imaging studies

WIDEN for Simpler, Faster, Versatile, Reliable and Cost-Effective image-based clinical trials

WIDEN (Web-based Imaging and Diagnosis Exchange Network) offers an innovative yet proven solution; it has been designed for multi-centre clinical trials in which imaging can be used to vary in real-time the treatment intensity according to the sensitivity of each individual patient (personalized medicine). Real-time diagnosis and therapy adjustment are required to treat new pathologies with higher success rate.

  • Integrated 1-stop shop for full trial imaging management. All your solutions in one interconnected place
  • Intuitive interface with 3-clicks image uploading and reviewing procedures
  • Zero-footprint with online web access – no software or CDs, work from your office or home
  • Ultra-fast upload / download times
  • Real-time central review & consensus creation with multiple reviewers
  • Automatic workflow management, image & protocol QA check, notification system
  • Quicker time-to-market thanks to fully automated reports - publish the results and apply for treatment approval faster than before
  • Accessible online from any location, internet browser, operating system or web-viewer
  • Modular and customizable, adaptable to all trial protocol requirements and CRO systems
  • Compatibility with all systems, devices, and imaging scanners
  • Secured system with full 256-bit data encryption
  • 24/7 support team and online modular trainings for all users
  • PET Imaging equalization among trial sites is certified thanks to our patented algorithm for minimizing quantitative PET variability
  • Real-time auditing on all the imaging dataset is performed: WIDEN certifies the integrity and interoperability of imaging studies and enforces the compliance to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements
  • Automatic and real-time image quality check, workflow management, notifications and reviews management (vs. manual and expensive alternative solutions)
  • WIDEN Light for retrospective trials
  • No investment required for software or workstation, and limited configuration costs. You just need an internet link

Discover WIDEN

WIDEN was designed from the needs and requirements of physicians, who were confronted with the problem of real time image exchange and collaboration in multi-centre clinical trials. We developed and included the latest technologies to facilitate clinical trials management, with the reviewers just 1-click away!


Online platform, cloud-based. Access it freely from anywhere in the world

Ultra-fast upload

Upload, download and review clinical images faster than ever

Image quality check

Patented image quality-control algorithm for real-time checks on every image and protocol compliance verification


Certify the reliability of your trial with quick blinded independent central review or panel consensus. Get the results with automated notifications

WIDEN in scientific papers

Choose your preferred option

WIDEN offers 2 different configurations, depending on the requirements of your study


Full access, with the complete functionality and available set of features. This is the most advanced product, recommended for prospective clinical studies and customized trials.


Basic functionality at a lower cost, for retrospective clinical trials or studies with limited budget, this solution offers the advantage of fast analysis in a simplified scenario.

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