wi academy

Learn on-the-job. Online.

Our Web-based Imaging Academy improves your imaging-review effectiveness through a multi-step learning & verification method, based on gold standard datasets.

Designed for experienced doctors and post-graduate students looking for updates in the medical imaging review world

Access the online academy, navigate through thousands of cases, images and reviews to improve your skills and stay updated. With more than 10,000 images uploaded & reviews and more than 5,000 patients treated, our database includes a remarkable gold standard dataset in term of medical imaging. Organized in specific case-studies, it allows you to access this knowledge in a multi-step learning process to sharpen your skills and improve your reviews.

Why choosing the WI Academy?

  1. Training on imaging-review accessible online for anybody: WIDEN users, doctors and students
  2. Leverage big data analysis and/or AI validation, thanks to a large (and constantly increasing) cloud-based gold standard dataset. This is also available for 3rd party systems integration and analysis (subject to detailed review and pre-approval).
  3. Reach public recognition for becoming a reference gold-standard. Use WIDEN for your trial and grant us permission to include your study into the dataset

The system is fully customizable and can be tailored to your requirements.

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