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To help patients live better we build technology solutions for intelligent medical imaging, enabling more accurate, precise and easy-to-use images across a network.

What we do

We offer up to 30% shorter trials, with higher statistical quality and images acceptance rate.

In an imaging response-adapted clinical trial,  image data and central review assessment must be consistent and reliable. Image data should be acquired through  equalized instrumentation and every image should be  quality-controlled to verify it meets the inclusion criteria.

The central review of images should be done in  real-time, or in the shortest time possible, with easy-to-use systems and data should be available anytime for reports and analysis. We develop products that tackles all these problems.


The imaging 1-stop shop: a cloud-based clinical trials management tool with real-time central review system. Thanks to patented algorithm and artificial intelligence, we enable simpler, faster, more-reliable and cost effective clinical trials. Upload, download and review images like never before.

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4P Phantom

Our Plug & Play PET Phantom equalizer turns a network of PET scanners into a homogeneous source. Thanks to the innovative 68Ge Phantom system, it enables quantitative assessment with a 2.5x reduced error variability vs other PET phantoms in the market.

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WI Academy

Web-based Imaging Academy is the unique opportunity to learn on the job about image-based analysis and treatments. A unique multi-step learning & verification system based on a vast database of real gold standard cases. Available for expert practitioners that want to stay updated, for students and for anybody involved in medical imaging.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team coming from the medical, physics and informatic sectors. We offer 50+ years of combined experiences and publications. We have worked with public and private organizations worldwide to improve healthcare thanks to science and technology.

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